Semi-Permanent Makeup

Also known as
Derma Graphics or Cosmetic Tattooing

Is a cutting edge aesthetic treatment for men and women used to achieve lasting colour or definition.

Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery is used to achieve naturally looking eyebrows, improving their shape and density.

Whether your brows thinned with age or were overplucked, Microblading is the perfect solution. This procedure is perfect for both men and women and adopts a manual method of applying crisp and very fine strokes of pigment into the outer layer of skin.

Semi-Permanent Brows Shading/Ombre

The shading technique creates a bolder effect and symmetry in a blended colour of your choice, for less natural, but undeniably striking and beautiful result. It is one of the biggest make-up trends of the last decade. For the ‘24/7 made up’ brow effect try Omre Brows shading technique, for a Kardashian style, faded powder-brow effect.