Radio Frequency

Collagen Waves
and Lymphatic Drainage for face and body

Radio Frequency (Bipolar) is the latest method used mainly for non-surgical cellulite reduction. Recommended for face and body, the vacuum uses pure radio frequency energy combined with suction, tissue mobilication and infrared to encourage lymphatic drainage.

The Radio Frequency thermoteraphy treatent process starts from heating the skin around the affected area, which causes temporary thickening and swelling. As the skin smoothens, the appearance of cellulite dimples is reduced, whereas the fat accumulated under the skin melts thanks to controlled Radio Frequency heating, and is then drained via the lymphatic system. In consequence, blood circulation is increased and the tissues around the affected area are tightened, minimalising cellulite.

The most effective results can be observed after a period of regular sessions, recommended once or twice a week for a month of longer. Over a period of time, the inner structures of skin will tighten faster while new collagen will spring up.

Aside from cellulite reduction, patients observe improvement in skin tone, body contouring and fat reduction.