Lashes & Brows

Adobe Eyelash Extensions-min

Eyelash Extensions

1 on 1 ratio method is used to enhance the look of natural lashes, by lengthening them and adding fullness. The extensions will make your eyes look more open and youthful, and can easily reduce make-up or replace mascara.

The procedure involves adjusting the lashes length, thickness and curl to client’s individual needs suitable for the face ad eyes’ shape, also depending on client’s natural lashes condition.

Eyelash extension is precisely applied on top of each individual isolated lash with a professional medical grade adhesive.

Eyebrow Tint and Shape

Eyebrow tint uses a semi-permanent hair-dye formula to colour the eyebrows.

Eyebrow tinting requires professional application and is highly not recommended to be done at home due to the risk of damaging the eys with chemicals. It also involves precisely adapting the tone to your hair colour to achieve a natural look and define the face features.

The tinting technique also enables eyebrows shaping and thickens them visually. It is also highly popular amongst clients wanting to get rid of grey hair from their eyebrows.